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In memory of Human Capital & Society senior Mike Maga

Mike Maga

On behalf of the School of HRLR, we send our deepest condolences to his family and all who knew and will miss him.


Dr. Hye Jin Rho awarded NSF's Future of Work Grant to help prepare hospitality workers and workplaces for the future of automation

Dr. Hye Jin Rho

Professor Hye Jin Rho has been awarded the National Science Foundation grant for a collaborative research, “Upskilling Workers and Re-designing Workplaces for the Future of Automation in the Hospitality Industry”. Under the NSF’s Future of Work at the Human-Technology Frontier program, this research has received $2.5 million in funding between Michigan State University, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and New Mexico State University.

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2021's Hardest-Working States in America - Ask the Experts

John Beck

School of HRLR Associate Professor John Beck joined WalletHub to discuss the impact automation will have on the American worker, workers' safety after the pandemic, and if wages will increase or if people might need to work extra or get a second job.

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Liberson Scholarships help MSU undergraduate students gain valuable work and research experience

Dennis and Tracey Liberson

Michigan State University and School of Human Resources and Labor Relations alumni Dennis and Tracey Liberson continued their legacy of support for young Spartans this year by helping fund summer research and internship opportunities for 10 undergraduate students in the Human Capital and Society Major. Creating opportunities for students at MSU to learn and grow is at the heart of Dennis and Tracey Liberson’s gift giving.

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Diversity Torch: Katie Pezzetti

Katie Pezzetti

Diversity Torches celebrate College of Social Science students who uphold a diversity value or ideal. As “Diversity Torches,” they provide light, guidance, and awareness to their fellow students and all who see them. This month's “Torch” is Katie Pezzetti, an MSU junior majoring in Human Resources and Labor Relations in the College of Social Science. As an intern with the Michigan Employment Clinic, she worked to support jobseekers with disabilities in creating resumes, preparing for interviews, and finding employment. She also helped create an employer pledge in which employers commit to hiring people with disabilities.

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How to smoothly transition from at-home to in-person work

Dr. Angela Hall

To help those grappling with anxiety and uncertainty surrounding this return to “normal,” Dr. Angela Hall, offers tips for making the transition from remote to in-person work as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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Join SHRLR Assistant Professor Hye Jin Rho and Director of Education Michelle Word of the MSU Broad Art Museum as they discuss the changing nature of work in our daily lives.

FOCUS TOUR: Work is Wednesday, July 28 at 4pm on Facebook Live ⇾

SHRLR Associate Professor Maite Tapia Wins International Luis Aparicio Prize

Dr. Maite Tapia

This prize is awarded once every three years by the International Labor and Employment Relations Association (ILERA) to recognize outstanding contributions to research and policy in the field of labor and employment relations.

Maite Tapia Faculty Profile

School of HRLR Professional Development welcomes new director

Dr. Mevan JayasingheDr. Tina Riley

Celebrating Dr. Tina Riley and looking to the future with new Professional Development Director Dr. Mevan Jayasinghe.

MSU School of Human Resources and Labor Relations’ (HRLR) Professional Development unit will continue its tradition of providing premier professional education and certification programs under the new leadership of Associate Director of Outreach and Director of Professional Development, Mevan Jayasinghe.

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Michigan State University College of Social Science Diversity Champion: Thuy-Tram Nguyen Butler

Thuy-Tram Butler

Thuy-Tram Nguyen Butler is an Academic Specialist and Director of Career Development and Placement with the School of Human Resources & Labor Relations (SHRLR) in the College of Social Science.

As a student, alumna, and current employee of Michigan State University, Thuy-Tram has epitomized what it means to be a Spartan, even before setting foot on MSU's campus.

"I am a double Spartan, with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing and a Master'’'s in Human Resources & Labor Relations. My family and I are immigrants, refugees, and boat people who escaped from Vietnam after the Vietnam War. I was five years old when my parents and I arrived in the US. I vividly remember the harrowing journey at sea, the challenging time at the refugee camp in Thailand, and then the anticipation of starting a new life in a new country."

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Congratulations to Selva Haidar

Selva Haidar

Selva Haidar, the 2021 Student Commencement Speaker for the College of Social Science at Michigan State University, has this message for her classmates. Selva majored in Human Capital & Society and Political Science and will be joining the Master of Human Resources & Labor Relations program in the fall!

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Capstone course in Human Capital & Society concludes with presentations to executives from Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies

On April 20th, students in Prof. Mevan Jayasinghe’s Capstone course in Human Capital & Society presented their Policy Change projects to an audience of over 20 executives from Dell Technologies, including Senior Vice President of Human Resources Ed Loya, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Vanice Hayes, and Chief Human Resources Officer Jennifer Saavedra.

SHRLR hosts "DEI at Work" panels to discuss workplace experiences

Diversity Matters

The School of HRLR's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee recently hosted two "DEI at Work" panels with the goal to help attendees learn from panelists and their unique workplace experiences. Panelists shared their diverse backgrounds and powerful stories of challenges they have faced because of their race, gender, sexual orientation, or disability in the workplace. They also shared proactive ideas for how workplaces can be more inclusive.

SHRLR researchers examine remote work as an accommodation for employees with disabilities

Dr. Stacy HickoxDr. Michelle Kaminski

For employees with disabilities, remote work can mean the difference between working and being unemployed. Some individuals may need to work from home because of their limitations.

In their publication “Remote Work as an Accommodation for Employees with Disabilities,” School of Human Resources and Labor Relations Associate Professors Stacy Hickox and Chenwei Liao reviewed 125 court claims by employees seeking remote work as an accommodation. Hickox and Liao’s research identifies four main reasons why employers resist providing remote work arrangements to employees with disabilities.

SHRLR Associate Professors Jason Huang and Chenwei Liao receive 2020 Editor Commendation Award from Journal of Business and Psychology

Dr. Jason HuangDr. Michelle Kaminski

School of HRLR Associate Professors Jason Huang and Chenwei Liao with co-authors Y. Li, M. Liu, and B. Biermeier-Hanson received the 2020 Editor Commendation award from the Journal of Business and Psychology for their paper Just What You Need: The Complementary Effect of Leader Proactive Personality and Team Need for Approval.

With over 1000 papers submitted to the Journal of Business and Psychology, only 11 received this distinction.

SHRLR Associate Professors Stacy Hickox and Michelle Kaminski and Criminal Justice Associate Professor Jennifer Cobbina receive grant award

Dr. Stacy HickoxDr. Michelle KaminskiDr. Jennifer Cobbina

This grant will allow for the training of facilitators to hold restorative practices sessions on MSU's campus to address issues of inequities and workplace incivility related to race, gender, and other innate characteristics among MSU's faculty and staff. Restorative practices are a method for communities to identify ways to address wrongdoing and to provide opportunities for community members to express the harms or impacts of one member’s actions. Restorative practices via proactive healing circles have the possibility to impact workplace satisfaction, reduction in cynicism, feelings of exclusion, community building, and organization commitment to MSU. This grant will allow us to measure the impact of implementing these practices and lay the groundwork for more widespread use of restorative practices on MSU's campus.

In memory of Javier Jerez

Javier Jerez

It is with deep sorrow that we acknowledge the sudden passing of Javier Jerez of Hartford, Connecticut. He was a student at Michigan State University in the School of Human Resources and Labor Relations, and he died in East Lansing at the age of 21 in early December 2020.


Drs. Jason Huang and Dongyuan Wu's research on extroversion featured in MSUToday and Forbes

Dr. Jason HuangDongyaun Wu

Jason Huang, an associate professor in the MSU School of Human Resources and Labor Relations in the College of Social Science, and former doctoral student Dongyuan Wu have found a nuanced way that people adapt their behavior during interactions with others that can also affect their satisfaction with a social experience.

The research was published online Dec. 2 in the Journal of Individual Differences.

Learn more at MSUToday Read the article from Forbes

Dr. Maite Tapia and Anna Wilcoxson awarded $25,000 grant from the Midwest Mobility from Poverty Network

Dr. Maite TapiaAnna Wilcoxson

Through this project, MSU seeks to enhance economic mobility through job training, develop and deepen partnerships between MSU and community partners, and shape policies through tracking the working conditions of individuals in the food and restaurant industry.

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2020 SHRLR Graduation Celebration

2020 SHRLR Spring Graduation Celebration

Celebrating our Human Capital & Society, Master of HR & Labor Relations, and Doctoral students. A very special thank you to this year's guest speakers, Associate Provost & Assistant VP of Academic Human Resources, Terry Curry and keynote speaker Darryl Robinson, Chief HR Officer, CommonSpirit Health (Class of '81). Also thank you to student leaders, Kirstie Waller, Jasmine Hunter, and Sarah Sopocy for contributing to the celebrations!

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What are the implications of a four-day work week?

Dr. Angela Hall

As New Zealand's Prime Minister considers this option for her country, SHRLR Associate Professor Angela Hall joins international news channel TRT World to discuss the potential impact on individuals, businesses, and economies.

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Ask the expert: How can employees care for their mental health while working from home?

Dr. Angela Hall

MSU Today: Angela Hall, a professor in Michigan State University’s School of Human Resources and Labor Relations, has been tracking workplace dynamics and changes since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and has said that employment will forever be changed as a result of how employers will need to view remote work.

Read more at MSUToday

Dr. Mevan Jayasinghe wins 2020 International HRM Scholarly Research Award

Dr. Mevan Jayasinghe

Congratulations to SHRLR Associate Professor Mevan Jayasinghe, this year’s winner of the International HRM Scholarly Research Award sponsored by the Human Resources Division of the Academy of Management. Published in the Journal of Management, Dr. Jayasinghe’s paper “Perceived Workplace Gender Discrimination and Employee Consequences: A Meta-analysis and Complementary Studies Considering Country Context” is identified by the Academy of Management as the year’s most significant article in International Human Resource Management.

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Dr. Angela Hall featured on MSUToday

Dr. Angela Hall

In their article "Tips for Working Successfully in a Time of Social Distancing," Dr. Hall explained that the nation’s current state of panic is a call to action for employers to be more transparent — and compassionate — than they have been in the past. She said that virtual town halls, proactively sending update emails, checking in with employees and offering assistance will help keep employees’ morale up and their anxiety down.

"Employees aren’t all the same, and they won’t all have the same needs during this time, and it’s important for employers and managers to realize that,” Hall said. “There are some who have kids at home that need to be cared for, some whose primary access to the internet is their phone and some who are concerned about how they’ll keep their families fed."

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SHRLR Researchers Collaborate with UAW to Understand Workers' Attitudes During 2019 General Motors Strike

MSU/UAW collaboration on research during GM strike

School of Human Resources and Labor Relations Assistant Professors Dr. Maite Tapia and Dr. Christian Lyhne Ibsen in collaboration with UAW International Representative (Ret.) Mark Strolle, conducted a survey of striking GM workers at two Locals in Lansing, Michigan, to understand the workers' attitudes towards the strike, the support they received, as well as the strength of worker-union relationships.

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Was the strike worth it for both side?

School of Human Resources & Labor Relations Professor and Director, Peter Berg, joined News 10, this past Friday, to discuss the tentative agreement reached between the UAW and GM.

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Dr. Peter Berg Appointed Director of Michigan State's School of Human Resources & Labor Relations

Dr. Peter Berg

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Berg, PhD, to the role of Director for the School of Human Resources and Labor Relations (SHRLR). Dr. Berg assumes the Director role after serving as Associate Director for Academic Programs for the past four years and as a faculty member in the School since 1999.

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