Our Daily Work, Our Daily Lives

"Our Daily Work / Our Daily Lives" is a joint project that focuses on the artistic traditions of workers and on workplaces as contexts for the expression of workers culture. The richness and diversity of workers' experiences and workers culture is explored and presented through an ongoing series of exhibits, lectures, and presentations; writing and research projects; reunions; and demonstrations and discussions.

The program was established in 1992 and is coordinated by the Michigan Traditional Arts Program at the MSU Museum and the Labor Education Program in the College of Social Science's School of Human Resources and Labor Relations.


Our Daily Work, Our Daily Lives Brown Bag Series

Already Looking Forward to the 2023-24 Brown Bag Offerings

We have really enjoyed the 28th year of the Our Daily Work/Our Daily Lives brown bag series (or is it 29th?). With the current year coming to a close, it is time to turn our attention to the future and we are already scheduling speakers for the 2023-2024 series. Check back in the fall for updates.

Our Daily Work, Our Daily Lives Audio Archive

Thanks to all of the folks at the MSU Vincent Voice Library who have worked with us to create this archived set of recordings for Our Daily Work/Our Daily Lives.

Follow these steps to access all of the recordings we have cataloged thus far:

  1. Start at the MSU Library Homepage: https://lib.msu.edu
  2. Type in search box "Our daily work, our daily lives brown bag series"
  3. Click on "See More »" in the Books & Media box
  4. As of 4/4/23, there are 136 results for the series!