HRLR Associate Professor Maite Tapia and HCS Student Abbigail Foss Win Tomlanovich-Dimond Research Equity Award from MSU's Women's Leadership Institute

Tomlanovich-Dimond Research Equity Award winners, Maite Tapia and Abbigail Foss at the Women's Leadership Institute.

School of Human Resources and Labor Relations Associate Professor Maite Tapia and Human Capital & Society student Abbigail Foss won the Tomlanovich-Dimond Research Equity Award, awarded by MSU's Women's Leadership Institute, for their research proposal entitled "Fighting for Equity against All Odds: Somali Muslim Women Standing Up against Amazon".

Their focus is specifically on an Amazon fulfillment center outside of Minneapolis with a large presence of Somali Muslim women in the workforce. By centering the voices of these Amazon workers, they examined Amazon's extensive use of technology and public and private security for the purposes of worker control.

They recently presented their research for the Executive Board of the Women's Leadership Institute.


The Tomlanovich-Dimond Research Equity Fund supports research projects conducted by a faculty member and undergraduate student team that builds upon the vision of the Women’s Leadership Institute to advance leadership equity for women globally.