Internships in Human Capital & Society

Learning Goals & Outcomes

HRLR 493 will satisfy the Experiential Learning Requirement. You can read more about the College Experiential Requirement here: In addition to satisfying the College's Experiential Requirement, this course also double counts as a General HRLR elective within your HCS major - see section "d" -

Work with SHRLR Advisor Matt Hahnenberg ( on how best this course can help satisfy your degree requirements.


How to Apply

REMEMBER - You MUST have an internship already to apply for credit.

***Haven't secured an internship yet? See resources below.***
  1. Meet/speak with your advisor, Matt Hahnenberg, to ensure that the credits will count towards your degree requirements.

  2. Fill out the following application (HRLR 493 – Internship in Human Capital & Society): HRLR 493 Application (login using your MSU student email).

  3. After submitting your application, the Supervisor Training Agreement link will be forwarded to your supervisor within a week (let your supervisor know that they can expect it). If they do not receive the form, encourage them to check their junk mail folder.

  4. Follow up to ensure your supervisor completes the form.

  5. Once both forms (application and supervisor training agreement) are received, HRLR will enroll you in HRLR 493. You do NOT enroll yourself in the course.


Application Deadlines

  • Spring 2024 Semester: January 29, 2024

    Note: HRLR 493 will not be offered this term. Apply here for SSC 493 or wait to take HRLR 493 in summer 2024.

  • Summer 2024 Semester: June 3, 2024

  • Fall 2024 Semester: September 16, 2024

Students are responsible for all tuition and enrollment deadlines set by the Office of The Registrar. View academic calendar.



Here are some great resources to help you find/obtain/secure an internship: 



If you still have questions, please refer to the FAQ document below or contact SHRLR Advisor Matt Hahnenberg at



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