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ISS 308 : Social Science Approaches to Law (D)
Section 731 | 5/11/2020 - 6/25/2020

ISS 308 focuses on social science approaches to law, satisfying MSU’s requirement for a diversity course. In the HRLR section of this course, we will explore various legal standards that affect the employment relationship, including protection against discrimination and harassment, employee privacy interests, and workplace accommodations for employees (i.e., flexible schedules or support animals). Students will consider sources from various related disciplines (including political science, economics & psychology) that impact the legal standards related to the employment relationship. The course will also consider how governance systems impact the legal standards related to the employment relationship, such as the role of federal and state governments in requiring pay for internships and protecting employees against excessive intrusion of their privacy through drug testing and review of social media. Students will develop critical thinking and persuasive communication skills related to legal standards for employees’ rights and benefits, such as discussing why employees with certain political views or members of the LGBTQ community should or should not be protected against discrimination in the workplace. This knowledge will prepare students to assert these rights in the workplace.

HRLR 211 : Introduction to Organizational Leadership
Section 730 | 5/11/2020 - 6/25/2020

Leadership is one of the most critical aspects of any organization. From the CEO to front-line managers, leadership effectiveness largely determines the realization of organizational goals and the performance of an organization. This course will introduce you to the concepts of leadership and familiarize you with various theories of leadership. Upon completion of this class, you will be able to describe current theories about leadership, describe the effects of various forms of leadership on members, groups, and the organization, analyze your own personality and leadership styles, identify ways to improve your leadership, and apply concepts and theories of leadership in real-world situations.

HRLR 212 : Career Management
Section 730 | 5/11/2020 - 6/25/2020

Career Management is open to students interested in any career field. This course is designed to help you understand and develop the skills necessary to build successful careers and provide you with self-assessment opportunities you can use to shape your early-career decision making and development activities. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to understand how personal characteristics influence career decision making and career satisfaction, navigate the job search process and find a job, build a social network, write a winning resume, ace the job interview, negotiate a starting salary, manage politics at work and formulate an early-career development plan.

HRLR 311 : Applied Organizational Leadership
Section 730 | 6/29/2020 - 8/13/2020

This course is designed to build on the concepts and theories of leadership introduced in HRLR 211. Upon completion of this class, you will be able to describe various theories of leadership by social science discipline, discuss the extent to which effective leadership varies across contexts, and apply concepts and theories of leadership to case studies of a wide range of leaders. You will conclude the course by participating in the online Leadership and Team Simulation: Everest V3. This award winning simulation uses the dramatic context of a Mount Everest expedition to help you evaluate your leadership style and to reinforce your understanding of how leaders shape performance in competitive and time sensitive contexts.


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