Undergraduate Scholars Program

Thank you for your interest in the Undergraduate Scholars Program.
The application deadline for 2022 has passed.

We will be accepting applications for 2023 in early December 2022.


The SHRLR Scholars program provides exceptional students in the Human Capital & Society (HCS) major with opportunities for educational and professional development. This select group of students chosen in the spring semester of each year will have enhanced access to internships, research and service learning opportunities, as well as professional development activities throughout the academic year. These opportunities will supplement the research opportunities and career-preparation workshops which will be available to all undergraduate students.



Students who have declared their major as Human Capital and Society in the School of Human Resources & Labor Relations with at least a sophomore status can apply for the SHRLR Undergraduate Scholars program. In selecting among eligible students, consideration will be given to overall academic performance as evidenced by:

Any student who has completed at least 36 credit hours with a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 or higher may apply. Consideration of additional factors will influence selection, including GPA in the HCS major, academic research experience, work experience (particularly while enrolled at MSU and in related fields such as human resources, administrative positions in a business-related or non-profit organization), leadership in student and community organizations, contributions to a diverse educational community, first generation college students, and a record of overcoming obstacles.

Selection as a scholar carries an expectation of various professional development events and maintenance of communication with the scholars’ coordinator.

Students who fail to meet participation expectations, engage in unethical behavior or do not remain in good academic standing will be subject to removal from the program. Selection will be conducted by a subcommittee of the SHRLR undergraduate committee.



  • Access to Internships: Internship (summer and semester) and full time work opportunities will be presented to scholars, including opportunities made available by SHRLR alumni and advisory board members.
  • Mentors: Scholars will have access to volunteer mentors from the SHRLR masters program, for the spring semester of each year, based on availability.
  • Research Opportunities: Scholars will have priority in consideration for any available research positions (paid or for credit) with SHRLR’s faculty in areas such as strategic human resource management, organizational behavior, employment relations, leadership, and employment law. Faculty can identify potential research assistants through their designation as a scholar, but can still utilize other undergraduate students of their choosing for appropriate research opportunities.
  • Undergrad Learning Assistantships: Scholars will have priority consideration for any available undergraduate learning assistant and tutor positions for undergraduate classes taught by SHRLR faculty.
  • Professional Activities: Scholars will be invited to participate in career development activities including speakers from various professions related to the major, resume and interview preparation, career exploration, and contact with SHRLR alumni.
  • Service Learning: Scholars will be provided with access to various community organizations with which the scholar can volunteer in various areas of interest to them while providing a significant service to our community.
  • As Alumni: Scholars will be expected to act as mentors and seek to provide other opportunities (internships, etc.) to future scholars.