Prospective Students

What kind of students are we seeking?
Who will flourish in our program?

Are you seeking a career that offers you lifelong opportunities to enjoy the rewards of discovery through research? Do you want to make a difference by advancing relevant knowledge and understanding of complex issues in the classroom and beyond by helping solve real-world HR and labor relations challenges? Are you willing to make a major commitment of time and effort to enjoy a successful and rewarding academic career?

If you do, we encourage you to apply to be part of a select community of doctoral students and faculty dedicated to uncovering the intricate web of factors influencing human behavior in the workplace and the consequences of that behavior on individual, organizational and societal outcomes.

Our doctoral program fosters a vibrant scholarly culture that supports students seeking to make lasting contributions to the multidisciplinary understanding of important HR and labor relations issues. We are interested in students from a wide variety of social science disciplines including business, psychology, economics, sociology, political science, and others.

Students who are likely to flourish in our program and enjoy opportunities to become professors at top universities share the following attributes, interests and experience:

  • aptitude for scholarship, as assessed by GPAs, test scores and letters of recommendation from scholars
  • informed passion for conducting research, as gained from exposure to research and personal research experience
  • strong interest in broad multidisciplinary training in HRM and labor and employment relations
  • understanding of people and organizations
  • primary interest in conducting applied research
  • ability to communicate and write effectively
  • capacity to work independently and effectively on research teams
  • priority career goal of attaining an academic position as a scholar