Program Overview

Our Focus on Research & Scholarship

As a doctoral student in our program, you will engage in multidisciplinary analyses of complex HR and labor relations issues, learning to:

  • integrate theoretical foundations across disciplines in novel ways
  • employ the full range of scientific methodologies, statistical methods and research designs in testing new theoretical contributions
  • conduct research spanning local to global inquiries, ranging from micro-level individual and organizational analyses to macro-level organizational and policy analyses
  • analyze the broader environmental contexts of organizations and the multi-level behaviors and decision-making of multiple stakeholders and actors
  • evaluate the effects of alternative strategies, policies and practices on behavior and real-world outcomes


Our Vibrant Scholarly Culture

Towards fostering an environment in which our doctoral students are able to maximize their potential and enjoy outstanding placement opportunities upon graduation, we are dedicated to ensuring that you:

  • engage in our strong culture of community and teamwork among faculty and students conducting cutting-edge research relevant to understanding complex issues
  • obtain individual advising and mentoring by faculty matched with your scholarly interests
  • receive early intensive research and publishing experience working closely with our talented faculty
  • participate in our research luncheon series hosting top scholars
  • have access to PhD seminars and faculty across top-rated MSU programs in I/O psychology, management and economics
  • gain access to organizations and data through our School’s highly engaged and distinguished Advisory Board and strong alumni network
  • become part of the wider community of scholars in our field by participating in major conferences, workshops and associations


Graduate Assistantships Provide Full Funding for up to 5 Years

As research assistants, students work directly with faculty members on research projects. The assignment of students to faculty is based on student requests to work with individual faculty and a student's primary research interests.

Doctoral students making good progress receive full stipends and attractive health insurance coverage up to 5 years. All tuition and fees are also covered whether you are an in-state, out-of-state, or international student.

In addition, to promote success, students receive funding to cover the costs of data collections and attending conferences to present their research. Additional compensation may be received by obtaining competitive scholarships and teaching courses after completing required coursework and exams.