Team-Based Group Process Skills

There are six modules that comprise this series that focuses on the skills and understandings necessary to participate effectively in group/team processes.

  • Module 1

    History and Nature of Workplace Change Initiatives - this session is intended to provide a historical context for the workplace change that the organization is contemplating or has undertaken (e.g. team systems, quality initiatives, etc.).

  • Module 2

    Effective Communications Skills - in this session, participants would practice effective communication skills as well as identify the barriers to effective communication that exist with their organization.

  • Module 3

    Group Problem Solving Techniques - this session introduces a basic problem solving model that focuses on the use of data to understand root causes as well as generate appropriate options and measures of success.

  • Module 4

    Resolving Conflicts in Groups - this session applies the basic problem solving model to group conflicts and introduces the practice of negotiating outcomes based on the interests of the parties involved and not on positions taken.

  • Module 5

    Decision Making in Groups - in this session participants would review the four primary decision making styles, including consensus, and gain an understanding of appropriate applications of each.

  • Module 6

    Team Dynamics: Effective Group Processes - in this session, participants will review sample guidelines for effective group processes and develop a preliminary set of ground rules for interactions involving the group.