Strategic Planning and Training for Labor and Management Leadership

This workshop is designed to build a common knowledge base among an organization's key union and management leaders about strategic choices associated with the design and implementation of workplace changes within the context of the collective bargaining agreement. The workshop also assists labor and management to build a common vision and common commitment around next steps associated with the contemplated workplace changes.

Who should attend a program of this nature?

Intended participants in this program are labor and management leadership. Since this program is often conducted early in an organization's design and implementation process, it is advisable that labor and management involve several layers of their respective leadership in this planning and training effort to facilitate the overall design and implementation process and to generate as much commitment as possible to the overall effort.

In this workshop labor and management participants will:

  • Develop a common understanding about the forces that are driving the organization to change.
  • Identify and reflect on the strategic choices generated by the contemplated changes.
  • Acquire a common understanding of the strengths and weaknesses relative to the contemplated changes.
  • Jointly review their collective bargaining agreement in light of still-open issues relative to the contemplated workplace changes.
  • Conduct an analysis of the issues raised by the need to align specific management functions to support the contemplated workplace changes.
  • Reflect on the hopes and fears that labor and management have that are associated with the workplace changes.
  • Develop strategies for confronting barriers to the change and for diffusing the initiative throughout the organization.