Teaching and Training Techniques

The training needs of organizations that undergo a significant change process are great. The training can be as extensive as team-based problem solving skills delivered in multiple iterations to the entire workforce or they can be narrowly defined to meet the needs of a particular work group within the organization. This workshop is designed to help individuals within the organization to acquire the knowledge and skills required to serve effectively as internal trainers and facilitators.

In this workshop, participants will learn to apply the principles of adult learning to all phases of teaching, training and facilitation. They will learn to plan and develop curriculum, to conduct a training session and to evaluate a session's process and outcomes. The workshop will reinforce the understanding that the bulk of the work in conducting an effective training or education program occurs prior to the event taking place.

Who should attend a program of this nature?

Individuals within an organization who expect or hope to be involved in designing and/or delivering education or training programs for that organization's employees would do well t o attend this program. Individuals who have the responsibility of purchasing education or training services from external vendors would develop a better understanding of what to look for or demand in the services that they secure and would also do well to attend. Any of these individuals might also do well to invite JLMI staff to conduct a program specifically designed for their organization.

In this workshop participants will learn:

  • How adults learn.
  • How the diversity of people enhances an education or training sessions and how it requires multiple approaches.
  • How to develop a training plan.
  • The importance of assessing the needs of the learners (and the sponsors) and how to conduct a needs assessment.
  • How to develop learning objectives that are based on the assessed needs.
  • About the range of methods and techniques that can be deployed to meet the learning objectives.
  • How to prepare a lesson plan.
  • How to prepare for the actual learning or training event.
  • How to use audio-visual tools effectively.
  • How to conduct mid-course evaluations and make appropriate adjustments.
  • How to conduct program evaluations.

Note: This three-day program offers many opportunities to apply the concepts and skills that are introduced in the sessions. Participants will plan, develop and deliver a short training program on a topic of their choosing on the final day of the workshop.