Exploring and Designing Workplace Teams

Unionized organizations have a unique opportunity to improve organizational performance through the joint design, implementation land oversight of workplace teams. With labor and management participating fully and equally in the process, the organization creates a base for achieving results greater than might the achieved trough a unilateral approach. In this workshop, JLMI will assist labor land management participants to increase the knowledge and skills they need to build a strong foundation for teams.

Participants will:

  • Review the history of team system.
  • Clarify how teams relate to fundamental workplace change.
  • Identify the factors creating the impetus for organizational change.
  • Examine the interests and roles of key players who might influence and be affected by the move.
  • Clarify the strategic choices to be made in designing a team system.
  • Develop a preliminary plan for exploring and designing a team system appropriate for their organization.