Certificate in Workplace Investigations

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Whether you're a manager, a small business owner, or an HR or labor relations professional, this program is designed to prepare you to conduct effective, timely, and defensible investigations into all types of alleged misconduct.

Investigators may handle claims of harassment, discrimination, theft, fiscal misconduct, and/or performance and behavioral issues. And the way you handle investigations can have a significant impact on your and the organization’s legal liability, and employee morale.

This interactive virtual program provides opportunities for practice, time for individual questions, and sample forms and worksheets that you can use to develop or revise your investigatory policies and practices. 



By participating in this program, you will be able to confidently implement the 4 steps of successful investigations:

  1. Planning the investigation
    • Creating the file and timeline
    • Identifying evidence to collect
    • Preparing for investigatory interviews
  2. Conducting the investigation
    • Collecting Evidence
    • Interviewing employees
      • In-person or virtually
      • Weingarten Rights of unionized employees
      • Setting the tone and establishing rapport
      • Enhancing participation and dealing with resistance
    • Notetaking
  3. Evaluating the evidence
    • Credibility
    • Inconsistencies
    • Confirming and disconfirming evidence
    • The seven steps of just cause
    • Determining the charge
  4. Documenting the process



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  • Plan the investigation
  • Conduct the investigation
    • Evidence
    • Investigatory Interviews
      • Setting the tone, clarifying roles, explaining the process
      • Communicating employee rights, responsibilities and expectations
      • Encouraging admissions
      • Written statements
  • Document the investigation
    • Types and tools
    • Avoiding common errors
  • Evaluating the reporting findings


Tina M. Riley

Dr. Tina M. Riley, is an Associate Professor in the School of Human Resources and Labor Relations at Michigan State University and served as the School's Director of Professional Development and Associate Director for 20 years.

She is a results-based educator and executive coach with expertise helping individual leaders, and organizations, achieve their full potential through high-impact communications that build trust and promote inclusion and engagement.

Her engaging and holistic approach to teaching facilitates learners' ability to move from theory to practice. Her teaching style makes complex concepts accessible to graduate students and seasoned professionals alike. Dr. Riley teaches academic and professional development classes including leadership and interpersonal skills development, labor relations, developing inclusive workplaces and conducting workplace investigations.

With her passionate and engaging style, Dr. Riley develops and presents customized leadership development programs for both public and private sector organizations, from manufacturing to the courts. Organizational leaders and HR professionals from across the globe including Bahrain, Cameroon, Canada, Georgia, India, and Nigeria report finding her programs to be highly beneficial both for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Dr. Riley holds a Ph.D. in Higher, Adult and Lifelong Education, with a concentration in Communications, and a Master of Labor and Industrial Relations from Michigan State University.


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  • Business casual attire.
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This program has been approved for 7 continuing education credit hours towards Professional Development Program recertification.

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