SHRLR Presents New Research on Employment Relations at MIT Conference

School of Human Resources and Labor Relations researchers Dr. Maite Tapia, Dr. Peter Berg, Dr. Christian Ibsen, and PhD candidate Salil Sapre were invited to present their paper "Responding to the Incongruences: Shifting Forms of Worker Representation" at the 2018 MIT Conference: Toward New Theories in Employment Relations.

To advance employment relations theory, Tapia, Berg, Ibsen and Sapre created an integrative framework that explains the existence and organizational characteristics of both traditional and alternative forms of worker representation. They argue that incongruences between the form of representation, the environment, and worker identity are likely to encourage organizational change.

Tapia, Berg, Ibsen and Sapre’s paper is one of a select group chosen for presentation and review at this year's MIT Conference. Chosen papers will be formally reviewed by ILR Review for potential publication in a symposium volume.

Drs. Tapia, Berg, Ibsen, & PhD Cadidate Sapre
Photo: PhD Candidate Salil Sapre, Dr. Maite Tapia, Dr. Peter Berg, and Dr. Christian Ibsen (from L to R)