Pre-Approval and Credit Evaluation Requests

It is not necessary to submit programs for credit evaluation and they need not be pre-approved to earn recertification credit. In order to earn recertification credits, programs must be business-related. To calculate the number of credits a program will earn, simply total the number of instructional hours. Do not count meals, breaks, vendor exhibit sessions, tours, and other non-instructional activities.

Companies may submit programs for pre-approval to cover multiple employees seeking credit for a program.


To submit a program for pre-approval/credit evaluation:

Be sure to fill out the Pre-Approval/Credit Evaluation form completely. Incomplete forms cannot be processed. To avoid a delay in your request, do not write "see attached" on the form.

You will receive a pre-approval decision via email. Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing.

Questions regarding recertification should be directed to Kristi White at