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How do you become a member?

Becoming a member of SHRM is easy! First, it's important to understand that there are two different kinds of memberships and each has its own advantages:

  • Local membershipTo become a local member of SHRM, please fill out the application form below OR through this linkThe cost of membership is $40 and grants 2 years of membership. A local membership will provide benefits such as a network of HR contacts, professional development events, graduation cords, and a reduced registration rate for the Michigan State SHRM Conference which is held annually.

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  • National membership - To become a national member of SHRM you can either contact one of the current officers of MSU's SHRM chapter or visit the national website at: National membership costs $49 for students. It includes benefits such as a subscription to HR Magazine, access to the website's database and an international network base.

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Stay Connected

Stay up-to-date with SHRM activities by joining our LinkedIn and Facebook pages or by sending us an email.

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You can also support MSU SHRM by making a donation via PayPal.