Admissions Checklist


Please note: The GRE and GMAT requirement is currently optional. If you choose not to take the GRE or GMAT, you will need submit an Academic Statement instead. Learn more

Contact Cheryl Mollitor at with questions or to schedule an advising appointment.

You have until the end of your first semester in the MHRLR program to complete any outstanding prerequisites. This means you can still apply and be considered for admission into the MHRLR program, by sending an email with your plan to complete any remaining prerequisites at a local community college or at MSU. If you would like to have your unofficial transcript reviewed to confirm if you have the prerequisites, please email

Following are the prerequisites for the Master of HRLR program (you will want to have earned a 3.0, B, grade or above):

  • One Behavioral Science course (course options include psychology, sociology, cultural anthropology, or philosophy)
  • One Statistics course
  • One Micro-Economics course

Admission into the MHRLR program is determined by a careful case-by-case review of each applicant's credentials. There are two admission procedures: a general admissions procedure available to any applicant and one for those with five or more years of meaningful work experience.