Alumni Relations Board By-Laws

Michigan State University
School of Human Resources & Labor Relations
Alumni Association

Article I- Name

The name of this organization shall be the "Michigan State University School of Labor and Industrial Relations Alumni Association" hereafter referred to as "the Association." The Association shall be considered a constituent member of the Michigan State University (MSU) Alumni Association, operating under a charter granted by said such MSU Alumni Association in general and by the articles herein set forth in particular.

Article II- Objectives

The objectives of the Association shall be to:

  1. provide an advisory voice to the School, the University, and to SHRLR Alumni;
  2. further the continuing education of the members of the Association;
  3. encourage Alumni financial support to the School of Labor and Industrial Relations;
  4. stimulate continued interest in the work of the School and Industrial Relations.

Article III-Membership

Regular Members: Regular membership shall be on an annual basis. Payment of membership dues to the Michigan State University Alumni Association qualifies alumni for membership in the SHRLR Alumni Association.

Honorary Membership: Honorary membership shall be on an individual's outstanding service to the School and/or the industrial relations community. The designation of honorary member requires approval of the Board in consultation with the Director of the School.

Article IV-Board

  • The Association shall be governed by a Board of Directors, hereafter referred to as "the Board", elected from the regular membership.
  • The Board shall consist of twelve (12) members; President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and eight (8) directors elected from the regular membership. The immediate past President of the Association shall serve as a voting ex-officio member. The Director of the School, or his/her designate shall serve as a voting ex-officio member of the Board.
  • The Board of Directors shall elect from its membership the office of President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer when terms expire or vacancies occur. Term of officers shall be for three years.
  • The Board of Directors shall manage the affairs of the Association, including planning, financial management, policy development, and other areas revel ant to the Association. The Board shall call regular and special meetings of the membership as necessary.

Article V-Election Procedures

Term of Board Membership:

The term for elected Board membership shall be three (3) years following election at the annual meeting.

Procedure for Election:

The twelve (12) directors shall be elected by the membership to a three (3) year term as their terms expire. The Board will present a slate of candidates at the annual meeting. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor. Elections shall be determined by simple majority vote of all votes cast.

Notice of Election Results:

The Secretary, or the Director of the School, or his/her designee, shall notify all Association members of the final results of all elections within a reasonable time period thereafter.


Should a vacancy occur on the Board, the President will appoint a replacement subject to approval of the Board.

Article VI-Quorum

Seven (7) Board members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting of the Board. A vote by mail, telephone, or electronic medium may be taken on any matter when, in the judgment of the President, a special meeting is unnecessary or impractical.

Article Vll-Membership Meetings

The Association shall hold an annual membership meeting in East Lansing at a time and date determined by the Director of the School or his designate upon recommendation from the Board of Directors of the Association. All regular members of the Association in good standing shall be eligible to vote at membership meetings. For a general membership meeting, a majority of those present shall be sufficient for passage of matters before the body.

Article VIII-Parliamentary Procedures

Parliamentary procedures shall follow Robert's Rule of Order.

Article lX- Amendment of By-Laws

The By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the current Board. Proposed amendments to the By-Laws must be submitted in writing to the Secretary no fewer than fifteen (15) working days in advance of a scheduled Board meeting.

Article X- Annual Reports

The Board of Directors, through it's President, shall submit an annual report to the Association and the Michigan State University Alumni Association, including accomplishments of the previous year, future planning, and the Association's financial status. This shall be done no later than the end of each academic year.