Workers' Compensation Information

The School of Human Resources and Labor Relations' Professional Development Program attempts to provide helpful up-to-date information about workers' compensation. We offer:

  • Information about workers' compensation in each state
    • This is a table with links to the 50 State Workers' compensation agencies. Additional links are included for the District of Columbia, Federal employees and the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Acts as well.

      In addition to link to the agencies' home pages we have attempted where possible to provide links to publications that best describes how the system works in each state. Unfortunately there is great variation in th quality of the publications that states make available

      While every attempt has been made to keep these links up-to-date, states are continually making changes to their sites. If you find links that are no longer valid please email

  • Medicare and workers' compensation
  • An explanation of Permanent Partial Disability in all 51 jurisdictions
    • In our program for Certified Workers' Compensation Professionals we discuss the various ways of evaluating and compensating permanent partial disability (PPD). Here we provide an analysis of PPD benefits, a listing of the attributes of the state systems and a description of the shape of PPD in each state. We are always seeking ways to improve our materials. Your comments are welcome. Please send them to Stacy Hickox at

      Analysis of PPD Benefits (707KB, PDF)

      Table of PPD Attributes (13KB, PDF)

      State by State PPD Listing (1.60MB, PDF)

Questions regarding our programs should be directed to Kristi White at or (517) 353-3131.