Frequently Asked Questions

Before you take a program

  • How do I pay for the seminar?
  • When is payment due?
  • How do I make out the check?
  • If I cancel, will I be penalized?
  • If I cancel, will my name still be on the mailing list?
  • How do I get my name removed from the mailing list?
  • I'm on the waiting list for a seminar. Will you call if there is an opening?
  • What is the dress code for your seminars?
  • I didn't get a confirmation email. How do I get one?
  • There is an error on my confirmation letter. How do I correct it?
  • What is your Federal I.D. number?

After you have taken a program

Questions should be directed to Carrie Mejorado at or (517) 355-9592.

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