Bystander Intervention

Gain the skiils needed to recognize and interrupt moments of harm of potential harm



Whether it’s a member of the public, a client, student, or a coworker, people sometimes say or do things that cannot be tolerated in the workplace. When frustration has caused someone to lose their temper, political beliefs have led to a confrontation, or a lack of knowledge causes someone to make discriminatory remarks, you can intervene and put a stop to the behavior

Attend this live, interactive class to learn the 5 Step and 3 D’s of Bystander Intervention, practice using them, and get answers to your questions.



This program is for anyone who has witnessed inappropriate comments and/or behaviors in the workplace, didn't know how to respond, and wishes to gain the knowledge and skill to intervene in the future.



  • Introduction to Bystander Intervention: What it is and why it matters
  • Understanding and utilizing the 5 Steps of Bystander Intervention
    1. Situational Awareness: Noticing what's going on
    2. Interpreting a situation as a problem
    3. Assuming personal responsibility
    4. Knowing how to intervene
    5. Taking action (intervening)
  • Intervention options: The 3 D's
    1. Direct
    2. Distract
    3. Delegate



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October 18, 2022
8:30am - 11:30am ET
Live Interactive Program via Zoom




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Tina M. Riley

Tina M. Riley, is an Associate Professor, Associate Director, and Director of Professional Development in the School of Human Resources and Labor Relations at Michigan State University. She holds a PhD in Higher, Adult and Lifelong Education, with a concentration in Communications, and a Master of Labor and Industrial Relations from Michigan State University.

Dr. Riley is a results-based educator and executive coach with expertise helping individual leaders, and organizations, achieve their full potential through high-impact communications that build trust and promote inclusion and engagement.

She adopts an engaging and holistic approach to teaching that facilitates learners’ ability to move from theory to practice. Her teaching style makes complex concepts accessible to graduate students and seasoned professionals alike. Dr. Riley teaches academic and professional development classes on a variety of HR and leadership topics including communications, leadership development, managing change, diversity and inclusion, and conducting workplace investigations.

With her passionate and engaging style, Dr. Riley develops and presents customized leadership development programs for both public and private sector organizations, from manufacturing to the Courts. Organizational leaders and HR professionals from across the globe including Bahrain, Cameroon, Canada, Georgia, Nigeria have participated in her workshops.



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NOTE: Due to the significant disruptions caused by COVID-19, we are temporarily reducing the number of continuing education credits required for recertification to 14 credits. This reduction applies to recertifications that are due in December 2022.

This program has been approved for 3 continuing education credit hours towards Professional Development Program recertification.

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  • Program begins at 8:30am.
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