Continuing Education Activities

Recertification may be earned through a variety of continuing education activities. While the education need not be directly related to the area of your certification, activities should be related to your professional responsibilities.

While recertification activities do not need to be pre-approved, if you have any question about the availability of credits for a particular activity, complete and submit the credit evaluation form.

The table below lists these activities and the corresponding number of continuing education credits.

Activity Continuing Education Credits
The Certified Human Resources Specialist and Certified Workers' Compensation Professional courses presented through the HR Executive Education. 28 credits each
Other HR Executive Education in-person or online courses. 1 credit per hour of instruction. Breaks and lunches are not included
Development or presentation of training programs. 3 credits each hour of training provided
Participation in labor contract negotiations. 1 credit per hour of negotiations
Participation in major projects such as six-sigma and change initiatives that are related to professional development can count for credit if a written summary of said accomplishment is submitted. The essay must include an outline of the project, the applicant's role in the project, and a statement of what was learned and why the project was relevant. 3 credits per project
A written summary of contemporary books or articles pertaining to the profession can be submitted for credit. The summary should be 2-4 pages in length and should include implications for the applicant, his/her organization and the field in general. 2 credits per summary
A successfully completed college course pertaining to the profession from an accredited institution. The applicant must achieve a GPA of 2.5 or higher to receive this credit. 28 credit hours

Questions regarding recertification should be directed to Carrie Mejorado at or (517) 355-9592.


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