More than a third of our alumni advance to top executive positions as vice presidents, senior vice presidents, partners and presidents of their companies and business units. Later in their careers, many of our alumni leverage their rich experience to become executive consultants, coaches and recruiters. Listed below are the current executive positions held by just 50 of our alumni.

R. Polumbo, Senior VP Human Resources and CAO Albany International
K. Cox, Senior VP Human Resources American Express
S. Fitzgerald, VP HR and Organizational Effectiveness Avaya
P. Payne, VP Human Resources Bayer
B. Curran, General Manager/VP Human Resources Chevron
J. Michaud, Executive VP Human Resources Cliffs Natural Resources
C. Jackson, Chief, Human Resources Coca-Cola
R. Babb, VP Human Resources Comerica
K. Lawry, VP Culture & Talent Development Conway
A. Papadakos, VP Global Compensation and HR Dana Corporation
K. Burke, VP Human Resources Dow Corning
P. Walters, Chairman Guardian Industries
S. Kempa, VP Human Resources Hewlett Packard
A. Sniadecki, Senior VP Human Resources Highlands Bancshares
P. Wilkinson, Global Head, Human Resources HSBC
R. Golumbeck, VP Human Resources ITT Industries
T. Goulet, VP Human Resources Johnson Controls
K. Simpson, VP Human Resources JPMorgan Chase
J. Pruitt, VP Labor Relations Kaiser Permanente
J. Malanowski, VP Human Resources Kimberly Clark
J. Slipke, VP Human Resources Lockheed Martin
R. Liddle, VP Global Labor & Employment Law McDonald's
R. Nichols, VP HR and Administrative Services Marathon Petroleum
A. Miller, VP Human Resources Medtronic
M. Murray, President Meijer
K. Morris, Senior VP Human Resources Meijer
C. Fernandez, General Manager Human Resources Microsoft
N. Blackwell, VP Human Resources Molex Inc.
R. Stitle, Chief People Officer Monogram Food Solutions
M. Keogh, VP Human Resources Occidental Petroleum
N. Geraghty, VP General Affairs Panasonic
E. Grusnis, VP Human Resources PepsiCo
R. Shough, Senior VP Human Resources Porex Corporation
D. Klein, VP Human Resources Robert Bosch
M. Oliver, Senior VP Human Resources Rosetta Stone
R. Cox, Senior VP Labor Relations Safeway
C. Keefe, VP Human Resources Sara Lee
L. Conen, Executive VP Human Resources Seimens
S. Trezise, Executive VP Human Resources Shaw Group
B. Fitzpatrick, VP Organizational Effectiveness Shell Oil
L. Yankie, VP Human Resources SPX
S. Chartrand, VP Human Resources Stop & Shop
J. Ferrell, VP HR & Organizational Development Stryker
G. Lucchi, Senior VP Human Resources Sun Medical Systems
S. Lee, Corporate VP Employee Relations Time Warner Cable
D. Robinson, Senior VP Human Resources URS
G. Randall, Senior VP Human Resources Walt Disney
D. Binkley, Senior VP Global HR Whirlpool
C. Haley, President, OEM Business Unit Yazaki
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