SHRLR Advisory Board.Our distinguished Advisory Board is comprised of passionate alumni and friends, widely regarded as top business leaders in human resources and labor relations. Playing an integral and vital role in the life of our School, our Board provides critical advice and support in the pursuit of our shared vision of offering the premier graduate program in human resources and labor relations.

Working hand-in-hand with our faculty and staff, all Board members and faculty serve on one of five standing committees that focus on:

  • Early Career Development
  • Student Recruitment
  • Branding
  • Outreach
  • Alumni Relations

Co-chaired by a Board member and faculty member, each committee meets throughout the year to closely evaluate our programs and activities in light of the goals and objectives set out in our strategic plan. Each committee then develops recommendations to the entire Board and faculty, which are discussed and refined during the Board's annual two-day meeting.

In addition to their high level of engagement with our School, Board members act as champions of our School within their own organizations and more broadly as ambassadors within our profession. Thanks to the involvement and advice of our Board, our master's program curriculum stays at the cutting-edge, we award 20 or more named corporate scholarships every year, and our students enjoy exceptional placement in both summer internships and full-time positions.

We proudly present our esteemed Advisory Board.

Chris Fernandez

Fernandez, Chris
General Manager
Human Resources

Steven Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald, Steven
Chief Human Resources Officer

Mary R. Anderson

Anderson, Mary R.
Human Resource
Global Product Development
Ford Motor Company

Kevin Burke

Burke, Kevin
Vice President
Human Resources
Asia Pacific
Lear Corporation

Barbara Curran

Curran, Barbara
General Manager
Human Resources
Global Upstream
(Board Vice President, 2009-2012)

Eric Drummond

Drummond, Eric
Pierce Consulting Partners

Colleen Haley

Haley, Colleen
Group Vice President, Operations
Parker Hannifin

Nancy Hanslowe

Hanslowe, Nancy
Senior Vice President
Human Resources

Troy Henegan

Henagan, Troy
Senior Human Resources Manager
Energy Power Generation Division
General Electric

Melissa Howell

Howell, Melissa
Chief Human Resources Officer

Robert Ireland

Ireland, Robert
Vice President
Human Resources

Ed Loya

Loya, Ed
Senior Vice President
Human Resources
Dell Corporate Services

John Malanowski

Malanowski, John
Chief Human Resources Officer
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Christain Meisner

Meisner, Christian
Chief Human Resources Officer
Otis Elevator

Artie Miller

Miller, Artie
Vice President
Human Resources

Rodney Nichols

Nichols, Rodney A.
Senior Vice President
Human Resources
Marathon Petroleum Company

Michaela Oliver

Oliver, Michaela
Global HR Leader
Washington DC

Garry Randall

Randall, Garry
Senior Vice President
Corporate and Global DIMG Human Resources
The Walt Disney Company
(Board Vice President, 2012-2014)

Darryl Robinson

Robinson, Darryl
Chief Human Resources Officer
Dignity Health

Kevin Rubens

Rubens, Kevin
Senior Partner
Korn Ferry Hay Group

Barbara Runyon

Runyon, Barbara
Chief Human Resources Officer

Pamela Sauter

Sauter, Pamela
Senior Vice President
Human Resources

David Sauber

Sauber, David
Vice President
HR Policy, Benefits, and Services

Natalie Schilling

Schilling, Natalie
Vice President
Corporate Human Resources & Chief Talent Officer
Alcoa Global Primary Products

Kelley Simpson

Simpson, Kelley
Vice President
Human Resources
JPMorgan Chase

Robert Sims

Sims, Robert
Chief Human Resources Officer

Kelly Snow

Snow, Kelly
Senior Director
Human Resources
Frito-Lay Division

Leah Stark

Stark, Leah
Chief Human Resources Officer and Senior Vice President
General Cable

Scott Trezise

Trezise, Scott
Executive Vice President
Human Resources
Century Link

Drew Valentine

Valentine, Drew
Vice President
IBM Systems & Technology Group

Lisa Yankie

Yankie, Lisa, M.
Vice President
Human Resources
Pulp and Paper
(Board President, 2012-2014)

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