The general focus of our faculty's research and scholarship covers a wide breadth of human resource and labor relations issues, with inquiries ranging from micro-level individual and organizational analyses to macro-level organizational and policy analyses. As a multidisciplinary field of study, our research draws on various theoretical foundations of other disciplines (economics, psychology, sociology, political science, law, etc.) and employs the full range of scientific methodologies. Given the breadth and multidisciplinary nature of our field, our faculty publishes in a wide range of distinctly different peer-reviewed journals, including both discipline-bound and multidisciplinary journals that publish research focusing on various 'subfields' within human resources and labor relations. These subfields and other important areas of study within these subfields are listed below. We conduct research in all of them... check them out.

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Compensation Systems
Conflict Resolution and Negotiations
Diversity in the Workplace
Employee Health
Employment Ethics
Global Human Resource Management
Health and Safety
HR Information Systems
HR Business Strategy
High Involvement Work Systems
Industry Studies
Labor and Employment Law
Labor/Management Cooperation
Labor History
Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining
Labor Studies
Lean Manufacturing
Minimum Wage & Working Poor
Organizational Behavior
Organizational Change
Organizational Development
Public Sector
Team Dynamics
Work/Family Work/Life Interface
Workforce Development
Workplace Flexibility
Workplace Learning
Workplace Technology/Telework