School of Human Resources & Labor Relations (SHRLR) offers a dual degree program with the MSU-College of Law. Students who have been admitted to the dual degree program may transfer a maximum of 9 credits from each program to the other, making it possible to complete both a Master in Human Resources and Labor Relations (MHRLR) and a Juris Doctor (JD) degree in four years of full-time study. Typically, students would spend their first year taking required law school courses, and their second taking required MHRLR degree courses. A mixture of courses would be taken during the subsequent two years.

To be admitted to the dual degree program, students must meet the respective requirements of each program. Admission decisions are made independently by each school. Courses taken prior to matriculation at the MSU College of Law are not eligible for transfer credit (ABA standard 304). Students admitted to the dual degree program shall pay MSU tuition for all courses taken in the MHRLR program, and shall pay the MSU College of Law tuition charges and fees for all courses taken at the MSU College of Law for the JD degree.

Interested students should consult the admissions offices of both programs for specific details. For the School of Human Resources & Labor Relations, call the Graduate Program Administrator, at (517) 355-3285, or send email at

The MSU College of Law web site is

The MSU Graduate School Application can be found at

Due to the University phasing out paper application materials, we are requesting that you complete the application process online. If it is not possible for you to complete the application online or print out the materials from our website, you may request a print-out from our office. However, please know that paper applications take longer to process than online applications.

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