SHRLR's Ibsen co-authors working paper on Organized Decentralization of Collective Bargaining

SHRLR Assistant Professor Dr. Christian Ibsen and co-author Dr. Maarten Keune’s working paper "Organized Decentralization of Collective Bargaining" analyzes how organized decentralization affects collective bargaining in different countries. Organized decentralization brings collective bargaining down to the company level to set and address specific needs. This helps promote inclusive and flexible collective bargaining practices, while ensuring companies operate within a framework agreement to create a level playing field and contain differences across companies.

Dr. Ibsen and Keune’s case studies examining organized decentralization, informed the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Employment Outlook 2018. Chapter three of the 2018 Employment Outlook examines the several forms organized decentralization may take as described by Ibsen and Keune. Learn more here:

Read Dr. Ibsen and Dr. Keune’s working paper “Organized Decentralization of Collective Bargaining” here:

Dr. Christian Lyhne Ibsen

Christian Lyhne Ibsen, PhD, is an Assistant Professor with Michigan State University’s School of Human Resources & Labor Relations. Dr. Ibsen earned his PhD in Sociology from the University of Copenhagen, M.A. in European Industrial Relations with distinction from the University of Warwick, and an M.Sc in Political Science from the University of Copenhagen. His areas of expertise include comparative employment relations, collective bargaining, employer’s associations, trade unions, vocational education and training.

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