Crisis Communications


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We read about it every day. Something goes wrong and the Twitterverse lights up with negative comments about the organization. Employees feel angry and confused as they learn what is happening by reading the news online rather than hearing it from organizational leaders. The public wants to know what is going on, how the crisis happened, who is at fault, and what is going to be done. Employees need the same information.

From the top down, every individual in the organization has a role to play in crisis communications. From the Mayor or CEO, to entry-level employees, everyone communicates about the crisis. Trying to control unauthorized communications by directing employees to respond with “no comment” is ineffective at best, and bad PR at worst.

Managing these communications plays a pivotal role in whether, or if, the organization can survive the crisis.

This program is designed for organizational leaders, including human resources professionals who want to ensure that their organization is prepared to communicate effectively should a crisis occur.


Benefits of Attending:

  • Develop a pro-active approach to crisis communications
  • Build or rebuild public trust in the organization
  • Turn employees into organizational ambassadors
  • Respond effectively to media requests for information


By attending Crisis Communications, you will be prepared to:

  • Move beyond "No comment"
  • Provide employees with information so that they feel informed, involved, and respected
  • Identify crisis communication roles for every level of leadership
  • Determine the key message for public crisis communication
  • Develop a crisis communication plan


Tina Riley Tina Riley, PhD, is Director of Human Resources Executive Education in the School of Human Resources and Labor Relations at Michigan State University (MSU). She holds a PhD in Higher, Adult and Lifelong Education as well as a Master of Arts in Labor Relations and Human Resources from MSU. She has served as director of the School's Human Resources Education and Training Center and as Associate Director for Outreach. Dr. Riley has given presentations nationwide on the topics of strategic recruiting, training and development, supervisory skills, and employment law. She is also a CAPT-qualified administrator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and has worked with many groups in developing value from differences within the workplace.


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